Couples counselling

Being a couple 

Sometimes it is hard to know how to be a couple, particularly in the early years of marriage or when lifecycle or other external events change the nature of the relationship.

For some of us, a specific event or the development of a mental health issue can lead to us being in an uncomfortable place which we are unable to navigate on our own. Having a safe space allows us to explore and understand our dynamic as a couple. This then helps us to work together in a positive and cohesive way rather than being opposed and argumentative.

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A new perspective in difficult times

All relationships go through a testing time and a Couples Counsellor will enable you to have a different perspective on each other and on the situation you may be encountering. Learning how to actively listen is key to getting a clearer understanding of the issues with which you may be struggling.

Couples counselling will help with this. It is a talking therapy which allows you to identify those negative behaviours which you can change in order to improve your relationship. The aim of this type of therapy is to help you and your partner gain a better understanding of negative patterns within your relationship. Couples counselling can provide you with new tools, ideas and perspectives to help you to get your relationship back on track. It can successfully help you gain a sense of warm and loving connection with your partner again.

A Couples Counsellor can help you in many ways whilst, at the same time, monitoring progress, mediating conflict and giving you objective feedback.

The counselling process

Couples counselling starts with a one-hour assessment session where the focus is on establishing a clear understanding of the counselling process, understanding your background and discussing the particular concerns and immediate challenges that you want to explore.

Following this assessment, we will be able to ascertain if we are the best placed organisation to help you and, if not, recommend who you should contact. 

Hopefully we will be able to help and, if so, we’ll look to match you with the Counsellor best suited to your particular circumstances. This will include, if relevant, excluding any of our Counsellors whom you know or who you feel are too close to your particular community/circle of friends.

Investing in the process

Although we would never turn away anyone needing our help because they could not afford to pay for sessions, we do know that a client is more invested in their therapy if they contribute to it financially.

Also, as a charity, we do need to ask for a contribution to cover our running costs. To this end we charge £80 for the assessment and £80 for each subsequent couples counselling session. If you are unable to pay this, please do contact us in confidence to discuss.

In order to be able to offer counselling to all those on our waiting list as soon as possible, we limit the number of couples counselling sessions conducted under our auspices to a maximum of 48 weekly sessions, after which we review the situation.

Please click here to apply for an initial assessment.