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Who do we help

JCounselling supports Jewish individuals, couples and families* who are facing challenges which are affecting their relationships. We see people who are affected by a wide variety of different problems from contemporary issues to ordinary lifecycle events. Where a member of a family or couple is suffering from a specific mental health issue, we support the family members affected by this, but the individual concerned would require specialist help that is beyond our remit.

*as halachically recognised and married, where relevant, by the Office of the Chief Rabbi. If you fall outside of our criteria, we will signpost who you should turn to for support.

Applying for counselling

The first stage of the process will be for you to participate in an assessment session. To ensure that we make best use of this session, please fill in the following form.

Alternatively, you can call 020 8203 6311 during office hours if you would prefer to talk to someone about your situation.