About JCounselling

Previously known as the JMC 

“You cannot build a healthy society out of emotionally unhealthy families and angry and conflicted children. Faith begins in families. Hope is born in the home.”  

Rabbi Lord Sacks z”l

The Jewish family is the heart and foundation of the Jewish community and healthy family relationships are vital for our community to grow and to thrive. But the Jewish family is subject to the same threats and challenges as any other, and many families find themselves breaking under the strain of crises, unexpected trials and even normal lifecycle events. Our Counsellors work with all relevant members of the family unit to help those affected find a positive way forward without taking sides or attributing blame.

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A Safe Space for Effective Communication

JCounselling is dedicated to providing sensitive, discreet and non-judgemental counselling in a safe space, where our skilled and highly qualified counsellors enable the effective communication that is essential to overcoming issues. Clients are encouraged to discuss what a healthy relationship means and how to achieve it through communication, active listening, and learning effective strategies to resolve conflict and build trust.

Recognising the Signs

If you recognise one or more of the following situations in your interaction with others, perhaps it’s time to speak with us about learning some new tools:

  • Not really listening.
  • Speaking before thinking.
  • Only talking about what you want to talk about.
  • Raising your voice.
  • Negative non-verbal communication.
  • Speaking in superlatives.
  • Degrading your spouse.
  • Playing the blame game

Turning Lifecyle Challenges Into Exciting Opportunities

In addition to counselling individuals, couples and families, JCounselling also runs courses to help people fully enjoy what might otherwise become a challenging lifecycle event, e.g. Becoming a Couple (for recently engaged/newly married couples), Now We Are Three (for new parents), Helping the Blended Family To Blend, Those Teenage Years (a course for parents), Being Just Two Again (life after the children have all left home), etc. If you would like to receive more information about any of these courses please email info@jcounselling.org.uk

Experience and Expertise

All of our Counsellors are qualified in at least one of our areas of expertise – Individual, Couples or Family counselling. Between them they have experience counselling people who have been affected by all the key triggers that can cause the breakdown of relationships. They regularly see individuals, couples and families grappling with contemporary issues such as addiction (drug, internet, gambling and pornography); abuse (physical, sexual and emotional); mental health issues; communication issues and the inability of so many people to form and maintain stable relationships.

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Change of Name

In 2023 we changed our name from JMC (Jewish Marriage Council) to JCounselling to better reflect the breadth and depth of our work, which has grown and evolved since the JMC was first founded in 1946 by the late Chief Rabbi, Lord Jakobovits.